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Belfast and furious | part one the preamble

Tomorrow I am off on a short trip to Northern Ireland with Freya Gough. This is my first time , not only in Belfast but also Ireland. Freya has been bugging me to go for a visit with her ever since she went over as a UN junior ambassador program a few years ago.

I will post some stuff on Facebook and Instagram the next couple of days as well as posting a couple of blog posts on the LOGI

As someone who grew up with the troubles being on the news regularly it will be interesting to see how Belfast has healed and reinvented itself. It will also be interesting to get to explore this great city.

Looking forward to the titanic exhibition, The parliament ( this will complete the set for me and Freya as we will have visited all four govt buildings ) , Falls road and of course the local food and drink. Also planning to visit a unique cafe in the docks area run by Christians that has won many friends and praise for its social action.

All in all a lot to look forward to, will update when I can.

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