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Building Burslem | what does a hub look like ?

Following on from my starter for 10 concerning the regeneration of Burslem the most questions have been around the City hub proposal so how it would work, so here goes, again these are not detailed proposal, it would require someone far more talented than me to draft them up, instead these are provided to hopefully give some ideas and starting points for discussion.

so this is what I would envision in a city hub

1. Park and ride site for cars etc offering free parking with subsidised or free green travel to sites of interest around the area, for example a shuttle bus between Middleport, Trentham, Gladstone and Wedgewood

2. A ticket office where multi tickets could be bought for all the areas attractions as well as tourist information etc

3. Specialist culture tours to be purchased from the ticket office with local people employed as tour guides

4. A restaurant / gift shop for people to use

5. A play area for children

6. Located within walking distance to the pottery village and modern art garden.

7. A area for food trucks etc

8. Located near to the A500 for easy access

9. Hopefully incorporate tram system in future

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