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Dust bowl circus | episode 3 something a bit different

I guess she just wanted something a bit different

It’s not that there was anything wrong with Bob, quite the contrary; bob was everything you could ever wish for, dependable, loving, caring and above all else just so darn boring.

So had sat for hours looking into her coffee cup on the chipped Formica table in the kitchen, romance books helped for a while but they could not stop the inch that consumed her every thought. That longing, that primal need for excitement,for adventure and misbehaviour, for something, anything that wasn’t Bob.

God he did not deserve this, he was good man, a decent man, a great father a provider, he gave her everything she every wanted, the trouble was it wasn’t what she wanted anymore. She loathed herself but she loathed bob more.

Her disposition brightened when she cast her mind to the circus, the clock face ring set to 10 to midnight, perhaps her hour of reckoning was coming to, Dr Orial and the clowns were amusing, the trapeze artist the ringmaster were great but that was not why she was here, that was not why she dragged Bob along and convinced him to get the ringside seats yet again.

There he stood in all his glory , Trono the titan , strongman extraordinaire and then some, hoe not only had all the muscles he had muscles upon muscles, obscenely exaggerated by the oil covering his body,  This was a man ripped from the mountains of Atlas itself. She looked on transfixed, frozen in time her mind spun around her body tensed as she took her seat with Bob, she looked back and fore between the titan and bob, poor Bob, poor helpless hapless Bob, it was a no contest.

Then it happened, Titan stole a glance in her direction, a smile escaped from under his sculpted moustache, his emerald green eyes tore into her soul, stripping bare her inhabitations and anxieties, could she really do this to Bob, oh hell could she.

What she needed was an excuse, a break, that bit of fortune that favours not so much the bold but the brazen, and then as luck or providence would have it bob turns to her “honey” god look at him the pathetic creature “I am feeling a little queasy, I just need to pop out to get some air” he shifted across the seats like a lowley crab, no longer a man in her eyes.

This was it a moment for abandon to be brave to be bold to be wicked, he legs felt like jelly as she rose from her seat, her heart jumping out of her chest. This was the moment, she moved like a wisp to the back of the tent, out into the dustbowl back lot.

She glimpsed Tromo from the corner of her eye disappear into a tent, in trepidation and anticipation she followed, turned the corner and froze in angst at the tableau in front of her, her heart stopped its beating and tore right out of the front of her dress melting into the dust beneath her feet, feet that gave way as the scream left her lungs.

What she saw destroyed her instantly, Tromo, muscles glistening, body heaving heat rising but not alone, oh no he was not alone, rather entwined in a moment of raw passion, the passion she so longed for. But she was not the recipient of the favour instead she saw Bob, her Bob, her provider, her lover, her husband.

I guess he wanted something a little bit different.

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