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Game face

This really is a stream of consciousness poem, partly inspired by U2’s numb and partly by 90’s east coast rap. but weird and still not sure if I like it or not.

Can you see my game face

As I embrace the race

Find my place

On the case

I trying to up the pace

Losing the will, but still I will

Press on, sing the victors song

Come along we won’t be long

Stay strong.

Get in the game,

pass the blame

feel the shame

no one day is the same,

I aim to comply

ask the question why

I fly of the handle,

flicker like a candle,

you can’t handle

the song that I am singing

the rhyme I am bringing

I’m winning.

Binning the blues ,

I can’t lose,

light my fuse,


Me too,

it was me not you,

do what you do,

dooby dooby do.

Like frank

I sank,

bring your cash to the bank,

where do you rank?

Are you number one ?

having fun,

I just begun

to come to the fore ,

what for,

I’m not sure

but it’s pure

I got the cure

for your malaise

, my days

I raise the stakes.

I take it,

fake it

but hell i’m gonna make it ,

shake it up


Fill her up.

Stay strong ,

come along ,

song the victors song ,

press on

Up the pace

stay on the case

embrace the race

bring your game face.

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