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Oh what a lovely distraction

In these grim times it has been nice to have some distraction and a break from the anxiety and worry. Some things that have shot up on line have been more cringy  than entertaining ( the less said about the amazingly ill advised celebrity sing off to John Lennon’s imagine the better) but there have been a number of things that has genuinely entertained us as a family

1. Jay’s virtual pop quiz

Going viral in the right way has been Jay’s virtual pub quiz, what started as one mans attempt to continue his locals pub quiz online has turned into a phenomenon; It is true to say Jay has been slightly overwhelmed. Thinking he would be lucky if 30 of his regulars joined in a whopping 300,000 joined for the first night and showed no sign of stopping by the second time it came around. Part of the fun is Jay himself who is very amicable chap, his bemusement at being thrust into the limelight is as entertaining as the quiz itself. The questions are great, pitched just right for families to play together. In fact when all this is over if he doesn’t get his own TV series something is very wrong

2. Oti’s dance classes

One person who is no stranger to the TV is the super chirpy Oti from strictly come dancing fame, what started off as a morning dance class for kids has grown to family and adult dance classes. They are easy to pick up, well explained and have a great energy to them

3. Matt Lucus’s baked potato song

Matt is soon becoming a bit of a national treasure and his baked potato song managed to strike the cord with the general public, a mix of quirky british silliness and public information delivered in a cheery way by the wonderful mr Lucus

4. The national theatre live

The national theatre are streaming some of their greatest hits over the next few weeks, first up in one man two governors with a sublime stand out performance from James Corden. This is theatre at its finest, despite its roots in Italian theatre the play feels like a great British farce on steroids. Its only on for a week so catch it while you can you won’t be disappointed

5. Daily kitchen live

This one is on the BBC and features the fantastic Miss Jack Monroe. Jack is the absolute go to person for cooking on a shoestring or a bootstrap as her first cook book was called, basically whatever you have lurcking in the dark recesses of the pantry or food cupboard Jack can make a meal fit for a king with, well worth a watch when it starts to air.

Bonus for me

My favourite author Jon Ronson is running daily writing tips on twitter. . well worth a look or even better download some of his back catalogue on amazon for a real treat

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