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So long and thanks for all the fish

There is something a bit fishy going on that’s for sure, a number of people who were very bullish about Brexit seem to be evaluating their life choices all of a sudden, let’s focus on the story of Ian perkes a independent fish merchant from Brixham.

Now Brixham and Brexit have seemed to be joined at the hip for the last few years and in April 2018 a rather bullish Mr Perkes was looking forward to taking back control “ a load of old tosh” he declared “ there is never any fish left on the dock, for the last 30 years ever fish has been sold, “ he continued with his prediction “ business will thrive , which is why I voted out”

Spring forward and Mr Perkes is less enthusiastic now reality has well and truly bitten, he now claims to be brainwashed by the leave campaign and has been left to rue his bad choices , “ we are stuffed” he concludes left unable to sell his fish to France thanks to red tape and new brexit regulation.

It’s easy to say that oh well , it’s his fault, he knew what he was voting for but it is quite obvious in hindsight that he did not, the problem is he is caught between too many remainders taking glee in the fall of the once proud leavers and leavers simply unable to deny that there is any downside whatsoever to their rather warped view on sovereignty.

I would argue that it is possible to fall somewhere in between, I remain convinced that Brexit was a folly, a destructive act that we will have to live with for years to come, I also contend that we have to make the best of a bad job, the reality is even if there was consensus we will not see a return to any European Union in my lifetime and the fact is we will never get back what we once had.

Therefore we have to make what we are left with work the best for us and that includes making it work for Mr Perkes and his business. Government need to protect and support the very people who trusted their businesses to the and the Brexit dream.

Or we could soon be saying goodbye and thanks for all the fish not only to Mr Perkes but the whole fishing industry.

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