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Stay kind

Only a couple of weeks ago the sad news of a celebrity suicide caused a wave of people to promote the hash tag #bekind ,

we face certainly the most difficult time the world has ever faced in my lifetime perhaps its time to put our words and #hashtags into action.

If we really do believe in being kind let’s do it , during the next few weeks as we face our biggest challenges let’s face them together

  1. Let’s look out for each other , be nice , today in my local supermarket people were venting on the staff because they didn’t have enough people on the checkouts. We need to be better than that.

  2. Look out for your neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable, offer help to anyone who are self isolating.

  3. Social media is a great tool, there are lots of lonely people out there who are not going to be able to get out and about, let’s use social media for good and link up, lets connect.

Most of all let’s get through this together, let’s look out, let’s help but most of all let’s be kind

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