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The human touch

It’s part of what makes us human, the ability to reach out, to touch to hold onto, to embrace.

All of a sudden that which seems like second nature to us has become forbidden, we are a tactile being. We love to hug to cuddle but now we have become personal no go areas.

We need to quickly learn new norms, the very things that only a few weeks ago was frowned upon is now encouraged, to isolate ourselves, to stay put, hide away.

We need to invent new ways of connecting, we need to be creative, how can we get together without being together?

Social media is now a lifeline but it’s not the only one maybe a good old fashioned telephone call or perhaps a written letter?

We need to keep reaching out, maybe not physically but in other ways. It’s important and yes it’s difficult but it’s not impossible. It’s what makes us human

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