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The loneliness of the disco dancer

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Twisting, twirling, round and round

Lost in wonder , lost in sound

Concentration perspiration in a trance

Beat that drop to the ground

Sonic scapes and laser beams

Dance floor diva dare to dream

Better places familiar faces

Vacant stares and trippy highs

High as a kite, floating floating

Hoping, coping just about coping

Revelry sweet revelry

Detached from my reality

Distant drums and distant places

All of the familiar faces

Of yesteryear

Of stage door dreams

And fatalistic fantasies

Where nothing, no nothing

Is ever what it seems

Forlorn hopes and aspirations

Grim realities pierced by

The disco ball, the glitter ball

The discotheque the dance hall

Cinderella’s and rockafella’s

Brahms and Liszt the jungle blitz

Through smoke and light

I make my move

But you are lost to me

Lost in your own reality

Frozen in place

Lost in space

Your stare goes right through me

Forever delayed in odyssey

And lonely, oh so lonely

You dance

You swirl

You turn

You twirl



Put on your dancing shoes put coloured ribbons in your hair

And cast away your worries

Cast away your cares

Replaced by vacant stares

Replaced by blatant wares

And symbolic gesticulations

And Symbian smiles

Plastic and beguiling

Put off your Monday mornings

And your sour buddy commutes

Put away your angry boyfriends

And put on your dancing shoes

And turn for me,

Swirl for me

Twist for me

Burn for me

Don’t do anything for me

Do it for yourself

Do it for your sanity

Do it for the sake of your health

And lose yourself

You don’t need to come back

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