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The lost art of going out

As someone who is overseeing a team of government workers who have been answering telephone enquiries from some of the most vulnerable in society I must be honest I am extremely proud of the team I lead. There dedication and desire to help people has been second to non, these are not people who usually go on the phones but have stepped up and delivered a vital and at time lifesaving service.

It has meant that unlike a lot of the country and certainly the rest of my household I have been setting off each morning into work or as I like to dramatically announce setting off into zombie land, and while there may not be zombies there is a real feel of 28 days later around the city centre.

Which brings a quite interesting juxposition at the moment, I am jealous of the rest of the family staying in and batting down the hatches while they are jealous of the freedom of movement I have

I really fancied doing the Jon Ronson writing class or dance with Oti Mabussy but nope I have to rock into work, don’t get me wrong the drive in is a lot nicer than it usually is and while me and the guys I work with are doing our bit we are still in awe and admiration of the real front line guys in the hospitals and care jobs.

The family are starting to go a bit stir crazy, I have three grown up daughters who are not used to living with the family especially in such a confined space, they look at me jealously as I somewhat anxiously  set off on my daily commute. I tried to explain to Hero that the new world is nothing like the old world, I cant just pop out to Greggs if I fancy a bite to eat, in work we stick to the two meter rule conducting the coronavirus shuffle as we dance around each other. We have regular trips to wash our hands and my desk has never been so spotless.

Every trip to the shops is a military exercise, swerving past every stranger with verve and purpose.

I do get it, I know if I was restricted to the house I would be frustrated (even though I am far more extrovert than the rest of my family with the exception of my youngest daughter). This time is all about learning to live with each other and the new normal, at least for now.

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