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A number of people have compared Mr Cummings actions to that of Stephen Kinnock, Tahir Ali and Vaughan Gethin.

The argument being there was not the outcry against them that there was against Mr Cummings and they propagate the idea of a bias media and witch-hunt against Mr Cummings.

I even got into a Debate with right wing media celebrity Tom Hayward about it over on twitter yesterday and notice he has been doing the media rounds this morning arguing this very point.

Ok let’s look at the cases

1. It was obvious from Stephen Kinnock that he thought he was doing the right thing, he even boasted on Twitter he was observing the rules by staying socially distanced in his fathers garden. The police rightly and politely reminded him of the rules. He apologised.

2. Tahir Ali went to a Muslim funeral. The police acknowledged that he was social distanced however there were too many people there. Tahir Ali immediately issued a full apology for his actions.

Vaughan Gething sat on a bench in Cardiff bay near where he works and bought some chips for his son, he was in his family unit outdoors near where he lives, however as police reminded him he shouldn’t have sat there eating.

None of these ministers had Or were with someone testing positive for Covid , none of them tried to cover up there actions.

More importantly none of them had been on the body responsible for the lockdown. none of them were responsible for the stay at home save lives slogan or strategy.

A reminder again that two people in Government positions have resigned for breaking lockdown

In Mr Cummings case , it was his message and his strategy. He wrote it and was overseeing it.

He possibly had covid himself at that stage and was definitely travelling with infected persons.

He tried to hid the fact he had travelled, his wife published an article in the spectator describing what it was like to be in lockdown in London. This was misleading.

Finally this might all have been sorted if Mr Cummings had apologised, he has not and I doubt if he ever will.

His actions were a kick in the teeth to every one of us who have followed his guidelines to keep each other safe.

I don’t know if he should resign or not, personally I like to give people a second chance. I would like him to do better and be honest.

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