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Blogs revisited: hanging out with the Corbynistas

this is a blog I wrote for another blog site in Sept 2018, I guess we did find the answer however I do today wonder if certain parts of the Labour Party are still in denial of what happened. As the long drawn out labour leadership battle rattles on I wonder if they are cursed to carry on in the shadow of Corbyn and the failed extreme socialist offered by McClusky , momentum and company.

I sort of have a knack, usually when I have some time to kill late at night to get myself into some twitter bother, last night was no different. Following on from my rumble with the deplorables last year, this time it was the Corbynista’s who’s feathers I ruffled. My fault, absolutely it was never a good idea to question why they thought that Jeremy Corbyn’s labour movement was not a throwback to the policies under Michael Foot, that was soundly rejected by the British people and led to a decade of Thatcher’s extreme version of conservatism.

Once we got the usual name calling out of the way, I am a charlatan vicar milking money from the poor and a FBPE troll (I was also ridiculed for not knowing what a FBPE troll was), I owned my own home outright (not true), and I feed off the poor.

Resisting the urge to list my charitable endeavours but berating myself for having that urge in the first place I cracked on and eventually it settled down into a interesting and enlightening conversation mainly thanks to a guy called Steve, he was the one who thought I was a FBPE troll.

Here are a few observations:

1. They think everything was rosey up to 1979, there doesn’t seem to be any recognition of the 3 day week, the closed shop or the winter of discontent, in there world view it all went downhill after. What I find bizarre with that is there is no realisation that events leading up to 1979 could have contributed to a decade of Thatcherism.

2. They really, really , and I mean really hate Tony Blair, the usual that he is a war criminal came up but some even went as far as to suggest he had John Smith topped off to become leader. They see the move to the centre as a betrayal of the Socialist heart of the party and Blair as the devil incarnate.

3. They are not that fond of Kinnock, this surprised me a bit, Ok there was the accusations that he joined the EU gravy train when he stepped down as leader but it ran deeper than that , this sort of surprised me as they are all united in their love for John Smith, Kinnock and Smith were good friends who sang off the same song sheet on a lot of issues however I sort of feel that Smith’s untimely demise my have served to protect his legacy among the Left wing faithful

4. There seems to be an almost religious zeal to their love of all things Corbyn, anyone who dares question is automatically destined to the position of Heretic. That’s where the biggest danger lies for me; it has all the hallmarks of the cult of Corbyn where any criticism of the beloved leader is shut down right away. I would rather see a olive branch to the Labour centre than some of the hateful rhetoric we are seeing now, you could argue that it works for both sides and I accept that but sometimes it is profitable to become the bigger person.

All in all it ended friendly enough but still felt a bit troubling, there world is very much a black and white one where Corbyn good every one else bad. They see centre and centre left as the root of all the current problems they face The reason this is troubling is with the Conservatives going through another self destruct cycle at the moment ( they really are a odious bunch of back stabbers and sycophants) Corbyn could very soon find himself in power. It is very easy to have all the answers in opposition but can Corbyn’s vision of a Social democracy cut it when it comes to the crunch, we may know the answer to that soon enough .

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