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The phony Brexit war

After the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, six months of relative calm descended on Europe. During a period dubbed the “phony war” by the press.

Here’s the thing, as much as I think brexit is a stupid, costly self destructive idea I am getting more and more frustrated by a large proportion pro EU types failing to realise that brexit has happened, we have left the EU, there is no last minute reprieve , no slight of hand to keep us in, we are out, it’s happened a done deal. In fact the moment we all got caught up inthe slogan heavy nationalism served up by the conservatives and heralding in the blue wall the game was up.

Of course it’s easy to get the wrong idea, nothing much has changed because we are in the transition period, more confusingly the anti EU brigade are still talking about brexit, talking an awful lot about brexit, about getting a good brexit deal about our brexit this and brexit that, perhaps the problem is they are failing to realise Mr Johnson got it done as well.

It’s important because when they talk about getting a good deal they are no longer talking about brexit, the UK has left the European Union, we are talking about negotiating trade deals with our nearest neighbours, neighbours who we conduct the majority of our overseas trade with. To go about it with the same jingoistic chest thumping nationalistic vigour that was applied to the withdrawal agreement is dangerous and unhelpful.

We will know by Christmas just what the trade deals will mean and not mean for good old Blighty, some things are becoming evident already, Spain has already started closing the door on ex pats, France is getting ready to make immigration a whole lot more tricky as they look to end the Calais border agreement.

For the people aghast that they didn’t vote for queues at customs and foreigners in dingy’s realisation will soon dawn that this is but the tip of the iceberg. One thing is already certain , the oven ready deal promised by Mr Johnson is quickly turning into a rancid ready meal of dubious quality.

But for now all is calm, all is quiet, corona virus has taken the wind out of our sails, the lawns outside of Westminster is quiet. But don’t be fooled as a certain TV drama once remarked, Winter is coming!

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