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Mr Buffett

I wanted to do a nonsense poem In the style of Spike Milligan or Micheal Bentene , I think there is also some Lewis Carrol influence. Bizarrely spell check has played its party in here (even in the title) but I think that adds to the nonsenice so I have left them in.

Mr Hufferty puffin

He likes to huffery puff

And if you know the puffin

One hifferty, is not enough

Mr higferty puffin

Is feeling slightly gruff

It must be hufferty puffin

That makes him feel so rough

Mr hufferty puffin

Is really not that tough

But all that hufferty puffin

Is really quite enough

Mr hufferty puffin

Is speaking off the cuff

He speaks in hufferty puffin

And he’s always in a rush

Horace Archibald Mcguffin

Said enough now is enough

That blasted hufferty puffin

Is enough to make you cuss

But mr hufferty puffin

Is climbing on the bus

He’s run along, he’s off he’s gone

With a wave to all of us

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